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Almost 98 March 4, 2013 I made a visit to photograph a very active 'almost' ninety-eight-year old woman. She will celebrate a birthday March 12 when she officially turns ninety-eight. Ethel stills drives her own car, does her own laundry, makes her own meals. and exercises daily. Not only is she active physically, but she challenges her mind by being involved in plenty of other activities that the independent retirement community she lives at offers as in bridge and another favorite of participating in a daily news discussion group. Ethel always has something to look forward being that her daily calendar is full.

She claims there is not one particular aspect that has benefited to her longevity. Ethel said she certainly feels blessed with her independence at her age. My brief observation of Ethel was she maintains a lighthearted and practical view at life; humble and a giver. Ethel insisted to make me breakfast when I arrived of which she served a bowl of cut-up fruit, a muffin, and coffee. These photos are a small insight to her daily morning routine.

She will be featured in a news article where you can learn more about Ethel at The Compass - Official Newspaper 

Ethel exercises with two three pound weights

Lifting light weights at almost 98

Independent Living Apartment

Photos of her and her late husband are hung on the wall

A photo of a much younger Ethel is hung in her bedroom

Keeping up with the latest in news is an important interest of Ethel

Much admired Ethel is well known through-out the retirement community

She is very committed in doing her daily exercising routine

There is a sincere smile of true happiness that comes naturally for Ethel

Visiting with friends over coffee in the lounge in-between the next activity planned for the day




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Rewind The Clock This week I went to a Thresheree and Civil War Ball event. People attending were several locals living around the Winchester area who were more than happy to share all that they knew about farming years ago and the culture during Civil War times. It was held at the Winchester Area Historical Society grounds and across the street was the Winchester town hall outdoor pavilion that hosted the Civil War Ball. The event also included a corn roast picnic, raffles, wagon rides, and the historic society building opened to view the library and Keller Historic Center. 

Link to more photos



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To The Heavens At Lambeau The first home Packer pre-season game of 2012 I was a card runner for the Browns, thanks to John Reid their team photographer. It is a good way to see first hand the ins and outs of action on and around the field.

Because I knew the majority of the time would consist of walking/running the "M" for mezzanine to the heavens above being the pressbox in this case, that I might as well take some photos along the way.

Through the tunnel and through a door to the pressbox heavens I go begins with a cardio workout up two flights of stairs. There is an elevator there, but, what I found is that in the time the turtle elevator arrives and makes another stop at a floor in-between, I might as well climb the stairs. The elevator option took much, much longer. Tried it, done that on a different post card run.

The long, lonely "M" mezzanine, which seems to go on forever. I was lucky on one of the trips that someone happened to be there with a golf cart and was kind enough to offer a ride. My best guess is that it is about 1/4 mile or more walk/run.   

More of the "M". I can see the end, with a left to another elevator, the media elevator. Stairs are not an option at this point.

To pressbox heaven please I would say to the escort elevator man. Now it a matter of finding the Browns staffers and hand deliver a memory card. People in this photo happens to represent the green and gold.

I stole one oatmeal and raisin cookie when passing a spread of food in the pressbox and did not feel guilty. Maybe a little guilty because I'm making my confession here to clear my conscience of course. Back to "M" please I'd say to the escort elevator man and pace it back to the game field below. The view waiting for the elevator.

Photographers line the end zone with stormy looking clouds in the sky when there was zero chance of precipitation in the weather forecast. It ended up being a few sprinkles; not enough to ruin someone's day.

And some other random photos from on the field. It was nasty job but someone had to do it as an experienced part-time Pro-Runner/Card Deliver Specialist. Thanks John for allowing me to be part of your team.


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Oshkosh is the host to multiple events and festivals

It is mid-summer and there are still many big events coming up in Oshkosh, thus Oshkosh's nickname "Event City". The slideshow is a quick view to some of that coverage.

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The new Miss Wisconsin 2012 was crowned

The hopes and dreams of one contestant came true last evening.

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The New Abode Moving date is around the corner. Across the street that is. Some of the features in the new house that I am excited about are quadruple the amount of electrical outlets compared to the old house, a 66' HDMI in-wall cable from the main TV to my office computer, a generous amount of space for my office where I spend much of my time, and much, much more.

A couple of years of dealing with lighting strike damages to electrical followed by a water pipe break that took out my entire office led us to make some hard decisions. In order to prepare for the building plans, we had to tear down grandma Sal's over 100-year old home with a lot of history that was not affordable to repair. Repairs would have been extensive and starting over was the only answer.

Here is the start and a reflection of that sad, yet happy day in a short time-lapse video.

Razing The House


This video was the beginning of building the new house.

Raising The House

Up goes the second story.

Second Story

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